Check in and check out procedure

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Check In Procedures

Our check in inspection report accompanies a new inventory, summarising property condition, keys & utility meter readings at the formal check-in of tenants. Any existing paperwork is reviewed and amended providing comprehensive inventory details to avoid any disputes at a later date between landlord and tenant. The Inventories Inc clerk will always draw a tenant’s attention to any relevant areas of note.

For detailed information on check in procedure for tenants please visit our tenants guidance notes page.

Check Out Procedures

The check out inspection at the end of tenancy provides a detailed assessment of the property. We offer advice and support should any areas of dispute arise.

The existing inventory taken at the start of the tenancy, at check in, is reviewed and at check out we will list any significant difference. This will include a statement of any tenant liability, landlord maintenance or fair wear and tear.

We make a note of meter readings and collect keys from the tenant and compare them to the keys issued at check in. We ensure that the property is left in a secured state

Supplementary Inventory Services

Detailed digital photographs

  • Identify and clarify property details at check in and check out.

Video records

  • These illustrate the schedule of condition at the start and end of tenancies.

Safety Records

  • We arrange independent certified companies to carry out gas and electrical safety checks.

Appliance Testing

  • We check all electrical appliances at the start and end of tenancies.

Interim inspection

  • We visit properties in mid-tenancy and make interim reports.

Professional cleaning

  • We arrange professional cleaning by independent companies.


  • We arrange minor repairs to be carried out by independent companies at the start and end of tenancies.

End of tenancy delipadtions estimate

  • We produce a report with estimated costs for replacement items or repairs.

High value contents

  • We liaise with insurance companies to ensure an addendum is added to the Inventory Report specifically listing high value items together with estimated values. This is especially useful for properties with specifically high value contents, including fine arts and antiques.