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Specialised Inventory and Property Services

Inventories-Inc is committed to providing efficient, professional inventory and property services in London and throughout the UK. We also offer a range of bespoke services to meet your needs.

We work to ensure that your property is both well presented and seamlessly handed over prior to letting, at the start, during and at the end of tenancies.

Our team of highly efficient and professionally accredited inventory clerks work with you in compliance with the AIIC Code of Practice to maximise the profitability on your property while ensuring clear professional communication for all parties

How can we help you?

Although every project and every client is different we understand that many issues come up time and again. Our depth of experience means that we foresee many of these before they occur and provide the best solutions when the unexpected happens.

We have a dedicated team based in London as well as a comprehensive process management system in place enabling us to produce detailed inventory and property management reports at short notice.